Monday, June 13, 2005

Temple to Shoes

Today I came across with this news about the use of Hindu God's picture on shoes sold by French retailer Minelli. If anyone saw or heard any comments from our secular government please let me know the link. If same thing happened with any other religion's feeling, I think by this time everyone in the world knows about it. I believe in one god but not in photos i.e. I am not a 'murti poojak', neither a "Hinduvadi". But I can't be secular for such incidents. Temple to Shoes Such dipiction "shows how trivialisation of Hinduism leads directly and indirectly to abuse of Hindus, all over the world," the HHRO website mentions. Minelli had selected picture of Lord Rama, venerated by millions of Hindus throughout the world on their designer shoes.

Earlier, Roberto Cavali had depicted Hindu Gods and Goddesses on his designer fashion underwear while had imprinted Hindu Gods and Goddeses on lingeries and thongs. In the latters case, American Hindu Association spearheaded the campaign for withdrawl of disputed company products, and which met with success.

In both the cases, parties involved buckled under Hindu pressure group demands, withdrawing those products. But still it shows how the west respect the feelings of east. I believe in protest only when such thing happens very first time AND for every other occurence it should be dealt with 'tit for tat'.

Want to know more about This or "Minelli shoes" on google.

If anyone of you reading this, believe on respecting individual's feeling or ideology then spread your anger or views across the globe with the help of today's powerful tool 'blog'.

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