Monday, June 27, 2005

Standing Against Odds

In June 2002, a council of elders in Meerwala ordered Mai's rape as punishment for her 13-year-old brother's alleged affair with another woman. Mai says the allegation was fabricated to cover up a sexual assault against the boy by men from the woman's Mastoi clan.

Eschewing a culture of shame that often surrounds rape victims in Pakistan, Mai spoke out, leading to the conviction of six men, who were sentenced to death. Eight others were acquitted.

Mukhtar Mai, A woman who has asked the court to reinstate the death sentence against five men who gang-raped her on the orders of a village council. Since her assault, Mai has become a prominent women's rights activist. Although she grew up illiterate herself, Mai has helped set up a school for girls in her village, mainly with donations from supporters, many of them in the United States. (Read Detail News Here)

In the same news I read "The Islamic court (Shariat) then reinstated the original convictions. But the Supreme Court struck down that ruling and said it would hear Mai's appeal itself". I am just wondering if anyone knows about existence of such court (relegion based court such as Islamic Court) in any other relegion.

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