Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Who is most Religious

Before writing anything further on this post I have to say something totally un-related. I just watched Amazing Race (India episode) and after watching this and previous episodes I would like to say, Rob is the worst and rude (badtameez) american I ever saw, this guy doesn't know how to behave and talk with others.

Finally today new Pop (265th) is elected, I saw the crowd waiting outside of Vatican (city). It was un-believable. Now-a-days Vatican city was getting most of the news media coverage in USA. Most of the religions in the world have at least one head leader (who leads to rest of the priests or clergy). I think Shankaracharya is such leader for Hindus, Dalai lama for Buddhist and same way there are leaders for Muslims, jews etc. I don't remember if I ever saw or heard such thing in this scale for other religious leaders. And this question just poped-up in my mind, who is the most religious community.

I conclude this post with two other question, why artificial birth control not allowed in christianity (Catholics). Based on their population I can say definetly they use some other method or way (natural) to control the birth. Then why not artificial, because at the end result is same and if it's killing of life or something then it happens either way. And last what stem cell research (Science) has to do with religion.

I would like to hear views from lonely planet's visitors, what they think?

Monday, April 18, 2005

Just a Question

For today's post I have just one question. Name the first country which gave voting rights to women? Do I know this....hmm, yes I do.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


That is what BCCI need to do with our Indian Cricket team to get the consistent performance from them. These players play in the same manner as government employees work. And they do because they know their job is secure. Win or lose is the part of the game but the problem with Indian team is the way they lose.

If you compare these two teams (Pak & India), Indian team have more heavy-weight players than pak. Our players must know that we win a team game only when we play for the team not for self. In the 3rd ODI the way sachin, ganguly, yuvraj got out was horrible and that's not the first time they out like that, why they don't learn from mistake.

I believe media, our sentiments, sponsors also responsible for their performance. Because in one match they play 'tabartor' (means they really play) and then for next couple of days becomes "headlines" everywhere. If we see the record book the only consistent player in Indian team is Dravid (touchwood) and this guy was never a media favorite.

BCCI should learn from Australian cricket board, they laid-off Waugh even after making a record tests win in a row for australian team. If this would be BCCI then this guy (waugh) remain as captain until he can stand on his feet. BCCI seems more interested in making money than giving a champion team.

In my views, if someone doesn't perform in 4-5 matches in a row we should have his replacement. I feel our players are not enough strong mentally. First in test match they lost after leading and now it looks like same thing could be happened in ODI (until 4 ODIs it's already happened). If a team can not defend 300+ target then that team must be aware that there is something really wrong. And it seems India is in the way to make this their habbit (as they lost earlier too while defending 300+).

Even after writing all this I am again going to watch next 2 matches....WHY? What can I do, "Dil hai ki manta nahi"

(I was planning to write this post once all ODIs played but after reading Prasad's post couldn't control myself)

Monday, April 11, 2005


Even though by this time lots of good things already written for this movie but still I want to add few more words of appreciation. This sunday I finally watched Black and will say it's really a very good movie. All the characters of the movie have done their parts very well. Considering the first movie for a little girl (who played Rani's childhood), I will say she is best in the movie. Big-B and Rani have done a great job too. I will be surprised if this movie doesn't represent India in next foreign film category for Oscar. Sanjay L. Bhansali have made a really beautiful movie, a sentimental one. One of the dialogue is going to be a permanent part of lonely planet....Any guess? (If you have already watched this movie).

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Do Aankhen Barah Haath, in colour!

Do Aankhen Barah Haath, a classic movie directed by V Shantaram, will be colourised and digitalised following the success of K Asif's epic Mughal-e-Azam.

An Australian company (TimeBrush), is going to revive this movie digitally and will colourise too, which was made in black and white in 1956 (theatrical releases in 1957). If the colourisation schemes work, the film would release in India this Diwali (end of November).

I have seen this movie, very long time back when I only liked the action movie even then I really really liked that movie (and today it's in my favorite movie list), concept was very good, song was good....., "Ae Malik tere bande hum aise hon humare karam........" Who can forget this famous song from this movie. Waiting egarly to watch this movie again but this time in color.