Thursday, June 23, 2005

Ask Medha and Rajendra

Hey Guys do you have any question for these two persons. See FWD below, if yes send the question to me in mail or as comment or directly to the address given at the end of post. And sorry for delayed posting.

We are glad to announce that Nirantar will soon feature a unique interview with renowned activist Medha Patkar and rain man Rajendra Singh in which you, the readers, can also participate.

Rajendra Singh left his government job at Jaipur to jump into social service. He has received international acclaim for making dry rivers and ponds run with water in the Alwar district of Rajasthan. His pioneering work of building small water harvesting structures to trap rain water and recharge ground water also earned him the Magsaysay Award.

Over the past two decades the struggle against dam projects has grown into one of the world’s largest non-violent social movements. Activist Medha Patkar has been at the center of these struggles. For this work, Patkar and her colleagues were given the Right Livelihood Award (often referred to as the Alternative Nobel Peace Prize) in 1991 and in 1992 won the Goldman Environmental Prize. Patkar has served on the World Commission on Dams, an independent global body, and currently leads the National Alliance of People’s Movements (NBA), a network of more than 150 political organizations across India.

Send us your questions at "patrikaa at gmail dot com" for Medha and Rajendra and we would compile and ask these questions to them. Please remember to write "Ask Medha and Rajendra" in subject of your email. Only questions received till June 25, 2005 will be included.

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