Monday, May 30, 2005

Who is most Beautiful

.....And the miss universe is Ms. Canada. She was getting her crown from last year's Ms. australia, and I was thing this - who is the most beautiful Ms. Universe or Ms. World. Ans what the heck difference between these two? Is there any other world out here other than our own? In both beauty pageants, girls from same countries took or takes participate. I know there is one third beauty pageant too. For me these are just marketing propaganda for beauty products. These pageants were not enough that's why these people started Mrs. World too. I don't want to count or mention other small beauty pageants here. Last but not least the latest pageants I heard (In fact have seen clips in news) about was for little kids (toddlers I think), who even dosn't know the meaning of this.

Now in developed country (here I mean USA), girls would be more happy being called beautiful instead of being called graduate. So there is no need to select any american as Ms. universe or Ms. World. Any takers to tell me the last ms. universe or ms. World from USA.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Sing a Song

गा मेरे मन

update: Listen this song here, Thanks to SV
Today while coming to office I heard one of my favorite song in desi FM, a very old one. Infact it's कव्‍वाली (kavvalli). No it's not a love song. This song's lyrics are reality of life. It's not "गीता सार" (geeta saar) but it gives the same kind of message. That Kavvalli is something like this......

आज जवानी पे इतराने वाले कल पछतायेगा,
चढ़ता सूरज धीरे धीरे ढलता है ढल जायेगा...

(Aaj jawani pe itrane wale kal pachtayega
charta suraj dheere dheere Dhalta hai dhal jayega...)

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Getting Married

In this country (USA), if you are famous one way or another, I would say media famous then there is good chance you could get a television network (TV media) as a sponsor for your marriage.

How and Why? I don't know but here is 2 TV media sponsored marriage of the month.

First of a student and Teacher (spent 7 years in jail for having illicit relationship with her student: when Teacher was 34 the boy was 12, they have two girls with this relation, and teacher also has 4 kids from first marriage (one girl and boy is of almost same age as this teacher's student). Inspite of all this, media favorite and their marriage sponsored by insider (entertainment media). Marriage shot, clips and news coming everyday for 5-10 minutes in the same program since last 2-3 weeks. Place: Seatle, WA

Second is of a Rob and Amber (couple took part in two reality show Amazing show and Survivors). I don't like this guy et al because of his attitude towards other people.
Lost in both the shows but still media (CBS network) favorite. Whole marriage looks sponsored by CBS and this media network showing whole marriage, from preparation until I do in 2 hour program. Place: Atlantis, Bahamas (I have visited this resort, it's too expensive for normal people)

Both couple seems got merried without spending a penny. Isn't it Amazing Survivor? Sky is the limit here for media and they can go to any extend (if you allow) to show reality program. Any takers?

I didn't have time also didn't want to watch any of these marriage but had glimpse of these two media sponsored marriage in between programs while surfing)

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Few Drops

Couple of months back I wrote these simple thoughts today I just want to re-post here.

Once a while
Two is a pile
Smile a mile

Random expressions
never live in depressions
leave good impressions

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Get set Ready for Another World

Hunt for extrasolar planets turns to Earth-size worlds. Ten years after finding the first planet outside our solar system, scientists say they may be ready to move into a new phase of planetary exploration -- one that examines distant worlds for signs of Earth-like life.

So far, astronomers have discovered some 145 so-called extrasolar planets orbiting stars besides our sun. [Read more]

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

Yesterday I watched this in news, they were telling the story of couple of kids having SJS. Some of them it was due to reaction of over the counter medicine having ibrufonie. Story was really scary and before that I didn't know all about this. Today I am writing about this to spread awareness about this among we people.

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS), also called erythema multiforme major, typically involve the skin and the mucous membranes. SJS can also affect the eyes. While minor presentations may occur, significant involvement of oral, nasal, eye, vaginal, urethral, GI, and lower respiratory tract mucous membranes may develop in the course of the illness. GI and respiratory involvement may progress to necrosis. SJS is a serious systemic disorder with the potential for severe morbidity and even death.

Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) is an immune-complex–mediated hypersensitivity complex that is a severe expression of erythema multiforme. List of symptoms of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome: The list of symptoms mentioned in various sources for Stevens-Johnson Syndrome includes:

  • Skin lesions (painful)
  • Skin blisters
  • Mucous membrane lesions
  • Mouth rash
  • Mouth blisters
  • Throat rash
  • Throat blisters
  • Anus rash
  • Anus blisters
  • Genital rash
  • Genital blisters
  • Conjunctival rash
  • Conjunctival blisters

Click here to see detail about these symptoms.

Click here to read more on this, You can also check Stevens Johnson Syndrome Foundation.

I just watched 'Fallen Idol' aired in ABC, it looks like another Shakti Kapoor kinda episode but in this case it's other way round and well planned from both the parties. Let's see the reactions in coming days specially next American idol episode, because person involved in this case is one of the judge.

Monday, May 02, 2005

One Byte Personal

I was quite busy since last couple of weeks so didn't get chance to post or read anything. Did I write before I am addicted to civilization (will write more on this later). So now-a-days playing as India and leading among all the countries. I am also trying to write a story (Kahani), it's in Hindi so if you know hindi, can read hindi and want to read it, here is link. Will appreciate your comments and suggesstion, will visit your blog later.

if you can't see Hindi Click Here