Friday, August 26, 2005

Sehar - the awaited dawn!

Sehar is a film inspired by real-life incidents. Sehar is a urdu word that means Morning or Dawn. I think, this is the first film ever to be made on the Mafia of UP, based on factual incidents and characters. Sehar is about the origin of organised crime in North India and the steps taken to bring it under control. The film is in flashback with an interesting narrative style.

Sehar moves in and around Gorakhpur-Lucknow-Benaras and terrorises every living soul in the vicinity and ends at Delhi.

Now, You will say every third crime movies have a plot like this. But believe me this is different with a good story, very good acting by Arshad Warsi, no useless un-neccessary songs...a simple film without filmi glamour, which makes this "Real" rather than watching "Reel".

Arshad plays a police officer (Ajay Kumar) who pays the price for his honesty by getting transferred often. And this film shows in Real Life Police officers are not hero as it depicts in other movies but there determination is. Story looks like written after doing a quite research. The film is set in 1997; cell phones were still a new phenomenon then. It makes sense when Pankaj Kapur, who plays an expert in cell phone technology, joins the STF.

Editing of Sehar is brilliant, A lot of thoughts and hard work display into the cinematography and costumes as well. Seher definitely brings out the seriousness of the issues it talks about, though this does give the film a slightly arty feel, and that's why this will appeal to a very thin segment of moviegoers. Kabeer Kaushik's direction is good too, it's daring to make such movie in early in his career. Last but not least, the Climax is different and at one point you get the hint about this too.

It's unforunate, Sehar happened to be a flop film in Box-Office. All in all, Sehar is a good film, worth to watch.

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