Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Civilization: Conquest of the Month - India

India has always been an invader's paradise, No matter how many Persians, Greeks, Chinese nomads, Arabs, Portuguese, British and other raiders had their way with the land, local Hindu kingdoms invariably survived their depradations, living out their own sagas of conquest and collapse. All the while, these local dynasties built upon the roots of a culture well established since the time of the first invaders, the Aryans.

Game starts with 7 preset, bloodthirsty rivals as in reality, in this game too Gandhi and his India not only survived but got the victory too. Game start with this tiny portion of visible land, and Gandhi's settler first found Delhi and India started exloring the world.


(1786 AD center part of the India - Purple portion in the small window at the bottom is map of India)

Confused? What's going on? What Gandhi is doing here? ok! let me start from the beginning. I am here talking about a turn based strategic game named Civilization, I am a big fan of this game or should I say addicted to this game. This game is basically very very broader version of chess with the twist and turns of world history. Game starts from 4000 BC and you as a one civilization have to explorer the world and meet with new civilization. As the game continue you have to dominate the world either diplomatically or becoming a leader in tech race (space race victory) or conquest (as British did in the past) one small mistake or wrong move can give AI (computer) a good chance to invade or distroy your civilization.

So this month's Conquest of the month civilization was India. Month of august and COTM India, I couldn't stop myself and started playing the Game. And by the end of 1786 AD, Gandhi's India won the diplomatic victory

Here is the results

And that win was possible because of India built United Nations in Delhi

At the end of the game, this was the score card:

check this for more detail about civilization, Also you can check more pictures by clicking on Flicker window in the right, if interested.

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