Thursday, August 18, 2005

Encephalitis claims 90 lives in Gorakhpur

90 children have died in the last 15 days in eastern Uttar Pradesh around Gorakhpur. Encephalitis is endemic to eastern UP and cases have been reported practically every year since 1978 when 720 children had died. Still no Vaccination campaign by government, what does that mean. It means poor people in India just born to die and help country to control the population. Every year or alternative year 100's of children die since 1978 because of same disease still "India shining" not able to control this. Hello! people who live in villages and in small towns in rural area are also Indians. But who cares for them.

I am not surprize I got to know about this news first from local radio station news (EBC) here in NJ (yesterday, Aug 18, 2005 at 9 am). After reaching at work I checked almost all Indian newspaper and news channel website but didn't get a single word of news about this, And today I see this in NDTV's site. I thought USA is almost 11 hours behind India timewise but it looks otherway round newswise or is this India media got news from International media, or they are more interested what's happening in metros rather than what or how villages of India doing. just wondering!!!


Slice Of Life said...

it is true ,villages remain untouched with medai medai is intrestd only in sensational news

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