Monday, May 30, 2005

Who is most Beautiful

.....And the miss universe is Ms. Canada. She was getting her crown from last year's Ms. australia, and I was thing this - who is the most beautiful Ms. Universe or Ms. World. Ans what the heck difference between these two? Is there any other world out here other than our own? In both beauty pageants, girls from same countries took or takes participate. I know there is one third beauty pageant too. For me these are just marketing propaganda for beauty products. These pageants were not enough that's why these people started Mrs. World too. I don't want to count or mention other small beauty pageants here. Last but not least the latest pageants I heard (In fact have seen clips in news) about was for little kids (toddlers I think), who even dosn't know the meaning of this.

Now in developed country (here I mean USA), girls would be more happy being called beautiful instead of being called graduate. So there is no need to select any american as Ms. universe or Ms. World. Any takers to tell me the last ms. universe or ms. World from USA.


Nupur said...

saw the pageant on telie too!
I dunno about propoganda but the Ms.Canada is pretty! :D

How have u been.....?

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