Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Getting Married

In this country (USA), if you are famous one way or another, I would say media famous then there is good chance you could get a television network (TV media) as a sponsor for your marriage.

How and Why? I don't know but here is 2 TV media sponsored marriage of the month.

First of a student and Teacher (spent 7 years in jail for having illicit relationship with her student: when Teacher was 34 the boy was 12, they have two girls with this relation, and teacher also has 4 kids from first marriage (one girl and boy is of almost same age as this teacher's student). Inspite of all this, media favorite and their marriage sponsored by insider (entertainment media). Marriage shot, clips and news coming everyday for 5-10 minutes in the same program since last 2-3 weeks. Place: Seatle, WA

Second is of a Rob and Amber (couple took part in two reality show Amazing show and Survivors). I don't like this guy et al because of his attitude towards other people.
Lost in both the shows but still media (CBS network) favorite. Whole marriage looks sponsored by CBS and this media network showing whole marriage, from preparation until I do in 2 hour program. Place: Atlantis, Bahamas (I have visited this resort, it's too expensive for normal people)

Both couple seems got merried without spending a penny. Isn't it Amazing Survivor? Sky is the limit here for media and they can go to any extend (if you allow) to show reality program. Any takers?

I didn't have time also didn't want to watch any of these marriage but had glimpse of these two media sponsored marriage in between programs while surfing)


Alka Dwivedi said...

I too have read about that student teacher marriage. I was entangled in the debate whether a 14 years old boy is capable of being a father? It was revealed to me that its possible. Or it was rather surprising that a 12 years old kid can indulge in physical activity! I try not to be judgemental about the teacher. But everything seemed so ODD!

Tarun said...

ya Alka, everything seems so odd and possible too.