Thursday, May 26, 2005

Sing a Song

गा मेरे मन

update: Listen this song here, Thanks to SV
Today while coming to office I heard one of my favorite song in desi FM, a very old one. Infact it's कव्‍वाली (kavvalli). No it's not a love song. This song's lyrics are reality of life. It's not "गीता सार" (geeta saar) but it gives the same kind of message. That Kavvalli is something like this......

आज जवानी पे इतराने वाले कल पछतायेगा,
चढ़ता सूरज धीरे धीरे ढलता है ढल जायेगा...

(Aaj jawani pe itrane wale kal pachtayega
charta suraj dheere dheere Dhalta hai dhal jayega...)

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