Friday, January 13, 2006

Animal Welfare and Film

Animal rights activists and Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) member Maneka Gandhi on Thursday alleged the film's producer ('Rang de Basanti') had used animals without getting the mandatory permission of the board.

"According to law, no filmmaker can use animals in their films without the permission of the AWBI. But neither the filmmakers nor the censor board bothered to get this clearance," said Gandhi, a member of Lok Sabha.

"Two months back they were sent a notice regarding the issue but they didn't take our permission and got a go-ahead from the censor board," Gandhi told. "It's only on Dec 25 that they applied for permission, which is really too late to seek permission."

There is hundreds of animals (dogs, cows etc.) just roam around in the Indian roads no one care about them. They become traffic hurdel everyday, risk their life as well the human being's life driving on the road but who cares. Is this kind of welfare board just to check the use of animals in Indian film. So many poor animals used to transport goods from one place to other far more weight than their capacity at that time none of the welfare board member see anything. What you guys think about such animal welfare board?


vandy said...

Ms Gandhi overeacts on such issues.
but rule is rule and they sh follow it.
PFA is doing their best.I know some of them who do bring injured animals home and look after them till they are back to normal.

BTW not commenting doesn't mean that ppl are not visiting....:-)
Take care.

Keshi said...

Actually ppl shouldnt make a big deal abt animals being used in films with or w.o. persmission...what matters more than this is if animals r well looked after and taken care of...especially stray animals..cos I know that in India and SL there r heaps of em and no one's doing anything abt sad..


Alka said...

Sorry for being off topic.You can see your views on this question Its up on my post Taslima Nasreen's Asylum

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Very hypocritical. Because like you said 'approval' is required to take animals in films but when they are tortured outside no one really cares

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