Monday, October 31, 2005

Terrorism: Explosions in Delhi

One after another there was three or four explosions in one of the busy evening of the year in some of Delhi's busiest places. Is this a gift in return of helping earthquake victims? By this time it's sure and definetly a terrorist activity as accepted by officials. It was supposed to be happiness, joy and love all around but sadness, horror and agony took the front seat. Our so called (excuse me for this word) friendly neighbor had express their sympothy but is this enough? - no definetly not. If they really feel that way then they should hand over at least one or two terrorist from the list given by Indian government, if they can't hand over all, Otherwise just leave the 'Play of Words' for someone else. I don't know if still people of Kashmir (both sides) will silently support to those who are trying to cut those hands came to help their own people at the time of need (earth quake victims).

Can some one tell what they really want? Israel left the Gaza in search of peace and what they got in return - one more suicidal attack. On top of that someone says (you know what I mean) that country (Israel) must be wiped out from the world-map. There is still some more time for every nation to come together and fight against terrorism. If some countries think they are safe nothing is going to happened there then it will be a mistake.

Now the big question is- do we still need to discuss about the opening of some portions of LOC (by this time it looks politcians almost agree). It shouldn't be like got the heavy storm (category 7 or 8) while wished for the drizzle (light rain). Just remember We have to survive to help others who needs support or help (it's essential and required). Politicans must be aware that if they use words to play then this game just going to extend but will not end. Resolving this problem is good for public as well for the world and Sooner the better. It's better if people of all religions come together and fight agianst terror otherwise the face or cause of terrorism could change.

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