Friday, October 07, 2005

Awards and Exception: Peace vs Movie

Wondering! what's the relation among them, ok I will tell you, there is one missing link for each and that is 'Nobel Prize' for peace and 'Filmfare awards' for Hindi movie. How? Well, Nobel prize for peace, and there couldn't be better example than M. K. Gandhi to describe peace. You know what, Gandhi never got that (Nobel Prize for peace). That's how and why I said exception. But here what I wonder is, why? Why? Why not Gandhi? (Just for a record Bush was nominated for peace prize last year, correct me If I am wrong).

I was under impression that Peace prize is for those who achieve their mission through peacefull solution or contribute to keep peace in the world, One way or another.

And, there was a man whose motto was 'Ahinsa param dharm'. Who had always opposed any kind of violence in his whole life. Who fought without using any weapon to get independence for his country. But who was never be considered as candidate for nobel peace prize.

I always wonder why it was not given to Gandhi. Below is a list of winners during 1939 to 1949, when M. K. Gandhi could get the awards:

1939-1942: Of the prize money for this period, one-third was transferred to the Main Fund and two-thirds to the Nobel Institute's Special Fund.

1943: Reserved.

1944: One-third of the prize money for 1943 was transferred to the Main Fund, and two-thirds to the Nobel Institute's Special Fund.

1944: Reserved.

1945: The prize for 1944: The International Committee of the Red Cross, Geneva. Founded 1863.

1945: Hull, Cordell, USA, 1871-1955.
Former Secretary of State. One of the initiators of the United Nations.

1946: The prize was divided equally between:
Balch, Emily Greene, USA, 1867-1961.
Former Professor of History and Sociology. International President of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom;
and Mott, John Raleigh, USA, 1865-1955.
Chairman of the first International Missionary Council in 1910, President of the World Alliance of Young Men's Christian Associations.

1947: The prize was divided equally between:
The Friends Service Council, London. Founded in 1647; and
The American Friends Service Committee (the Quakers), Washington. The society's first official meeting was held in 1672.

1948: Reserved.

1949: One-third of the prize money for 1948 was transferred to the Main Fund, and two-thirds to the Nobel Institute's Special Fund.

1949: Orr of Brechin, Baron John Boyd, Great Britain, 1880-1971.
Physician, nutritionist, leading organizer and Director General of the UN Food and Agricultural Organization, President of the National Peace Council and the World Union of Peace Organizations.

Ok that was about Peace and now move to Movie. Similar kind of thing happened to one of the great movie of it's time. And that movie was 'Sholay'.

Do you know it took decades for Filmfare Awards (or/and others such group) to recognize that sholay was the masterpiece. Sholay and Deewar both released in 1975, nobody can deny that both were very good movie. But when awards were given for 1975 release then Sholay got None.

Filmfare Awards 1975 - Best Film: Deewar | Best Director: Yash Chopra (Deewar) | Best Actor: Sanjeev Kumar (Aandhi) | Best Actress: Lakshmi (Julie) | Best Actor in a supporting role: Shashi Kapoor (Deewar) | Best Actress in a supporting role: Nadira (Julie) | Best Performance in a comic role: Deven Varma (Chori Mera Kaam) | Best Story: Salim Javed (Deewar) | Best Music: Rajesh Roshan (Julie)

Ans that's the end of this post, there is always an award but none for exception.

Note: This year Nuke watchdog wins Nobel Peace Prize


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