Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Old is Gold

Last weekend by chance I did watch a very old song on tv, and that song was "chup chup khare ho jaroor koi baat hai........." and believe it or not that was torture to me (atleast), torture to song too. Confused! because that was the remix version. Now-a-days, these remix version of old songs are coming like "pan shop" in every corner of street. One out of hundred could be watchable or good to listen and all others just crap. You don't need to have good voice for these kind of remix songs, if you sing at bathroom you can sing these songs too.

So what 'old is gold' about it, today someone is getting his or her bread-butter beacause of those old songs that's why I said old is gold (Someone here is not one it could be hundred or thousand). What's in there? Old song, not so good voice, loud music and lots of skin (the most important part). These are the main ingredients of remix songs. I think most of us always lost in the skin part of it and never realize what actually we are watching. Picturization of all so called pop/remix or x-generation... whatever is like that only, all the presentation is limit upto skin. Now-a-days This trend is getting very popular in India.

Poor remix fellow what can they do if there is shortage of lyric writers, they have to take old stuff and refurbish it. Who like stale food (bassi khana) until it's not fried with hot spices. Indian and hot spices made for each other even all world know about it. Confused? if this is written in favor or against, me too. I think I am 'Lost in Translation' to write from what I had in my mind. Period.

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