Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Amazing Race

This TV program is very interesting but this time (on March 29) it was really amazing. This episode's race was in south africa. Two teams had really hard time but they survived at the end. One was old aged couple, first they forgot their clue inside a very narrow cave and then when they went back in the cave to get the clue, old lady fell down inside the cave and got hurt in head but instead of worrying about her head she was asking her husband whether he got the clue or not. Came last but survived for next round with heavy penalty. Managed to get 5th in next round with the help of other teams and still in race.

In the same round the team running first (brothers) had horrible accident (I think cameraman got hurt badly) almost every team coming behind stopped and/or asked if they are fine (believe me place where accident happened was real lonely planet) except one team (engaged couple Rob & Amber, 3rd team to reach at accident point). According to this team, "they can not afford to stop or ask if other team is doing ok or need any help" I still can't believe if someone can do this just to win a race.

At the same time, team which was 2nd (Lynn & Alex) they stopped and stayed with them for a while. Definetly in such situation I do same what Lynn & Alex did. Still those two brothers managed to come in 6th place and survived for next episode or round.

Isn't it amazing to see different attitude or behaviour or nature of persons with each other when huge money is involved for a winner in a game. In the same race I saw one determine old couple, one self-centred selfish couple and one caring and helpful couple friends who even didn't think by stopping they can lose the race.


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