Monday, September 12, 2005

Indian's Death Toll 585 - Encephalitis

Since Hurricane Katrina slammed gulf coast of USA, hundreds of article or post has been written about how USA handled the relief effort even most of the Indian papers and bloggers have written criticism about it, some known so called columnist also expressed their point of view or criticism. The offical death toll is around 400. While in India, 585 the number of deaths (all children) reported so far related with encephalitis Details here, China View. And this number is quite higher than katrina's present toll. It seems no one care about this in India. It seems Kids die let them die they are of poor villagers kind of attitude. Wake-up guys.....and stop saying that India is going to be next super power. Every day or week 8-10 children are dying and what government is doing - nothing. At least increasing count gives the same feeling.

I heard that media is a very powerful medium but it seems NOT IN INDIA. USA will overcome with her situation in New Orleans, they will find out who screwed this thing and that person or persons will get punsihed for this. So it's better for India or we Indians to worry about our problems where no politician or powerful personality get punished for their wrong doing. So what you guys waiting for....when that count reach 1000 then will start thinking something. Don't wait for that, start writing your views. I will appreciate if instead of writing comments on this post if you post same comment in you blog as a new post. Spread this thing same way as encephalitis spreaded in North India.

update: Today health minister said those kids will get vaccinated against the mosquito-born disease but when he didn't mention. In the news in miami hearld, officials in Uttar Pradesh state say they lack money to do it and have sought help from the federal government and the World Health Organization. What rubbish, This government have enough money for the personal use for politicians and big officers but not for those poor children. Stop bagging every time infront of others, and then make your cut out of it.

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Anonymous said...

Be prepared for the next hurricane or find another one that's similar. As the Boy Scouts say: "Be Prepared"!