Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Street Fight: Police vs Worker

Now-a-days I am not getting time to read or write any post. But today while working at Gym this news just popped-up in TV screen infront of me at CNN. After watching all this couldn't stop myself to write a post. That police guy was literally bagging for his life (today ball was in the other court).

Don't have much time to read all about this, so can't figure out answers for where, why, when, how kind of questions. But it's really shamefull to see such thing. Couple years back I got chance to see how productive or un-productive these workers are and like everybody else me too know little bit about Indian police. So my comment for this whole episode is "Tu Daal Daal Mein Paat Paat" (तू डाल डाल मैं पात पात) until that unbiased committee comes with.....oh forget it.

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